Crystal Crabs are large spider-like enemies encountered in Beneath. They make their first appearance in the Caves.


Crystal Crabs are large arachnid-like monsters with various magical and powerful crystals jutting out from the top of its body. Its limbs possess red vertical stripes and joints, ending with red digits at the extremity. Strangely, they do not have eyes. A blue variant of the Crystal Crab exists in the Crystal Caverns.

Crystals Crabs are among the first ranged attack enemies the player will fight. They shoot a long-range beam of energy from their crystals and their frontal legs to attack. They also uniquely ambush the player by disguising themselves as crystals before bursting out of the ground if the player comes into close proximity. The blue variant of the Crystal Crab is found in the Crystal Caverns and boasts larger size, higher damage and their proximity range for waking up appears to be much larger.

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Energy Beam Blast: By concentrating high amounts of energy from its crystals, the Crystal Crab can fire a long-range beam of energy at its enemies. The direction of the attack is based on predictions of the future location of the player.
  • Leg Strike: The Crystal Crab will raise its forelegs and quickly bring them down to strike an enemy.


  • The Crystal Crab's energy beam requires warming up and locking on to a location, you can quickly evade the beam by running or hiding behind an object or enemy.
  • Crystals Crabs do not shoot at where you currently are, instead, they make a prediction of where you will be when they're ready to fire their beam while warming up.
  • It is recommended to simply attack the legs of the Crystal Crab, as killing it by attacking the crystals on its body requires considerable effort.


  • In earlier versions of the game, the Crystal Crab was noticeably much smaller than the current one and had a non-voxel body.
  • The crystals on the Crab have collisions and are indestructible, meaning that even when the Crystal Crab dies, it can still partially block tunnels. However, it is possible to move The Crystal Crab somewhat.
  • Other enemies can move a dead Crystal Crab (such as another Crystal Crab).
  • The Crawler, one of the Shard Lords, is a larger and stronger variant of the Crystal Crab.


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