Floating Heads are large, floating disembodied heads encountered in Beneath. They make their first appearance in the Caves.


Floating Heads take the form of dismembered heads, possibly related to Giant Mages. They are white and have glowing red eyes. They have protrusions on their sides that appear to be ears. Their lower section is comprised of red shreds of flesh hanging down, dripping blood occasionally. The blood sticks to the floor, and so trails of blood can be noticed in some rooms where the Floating Heads have been.

The first time they are encountered, they may seem relatively harmless, as they seem to just passively wander around in the air. This is not the case. When approached, the Floating Heads will prepare to attack. They do this by looking at the player with fiercely glowing eyes, loudly growling, and then they will charge at the player

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Flying Charge: The Floating Head begins by looking at the player. Then their eyes will glow red. Finally, after a quick moment, they will attempt to charge at the player, dealing moderate damage upon contact. Their speed increases noticeably during the charge, but they slow down again and wander after the charge.


  • The fact that Floating Heads have only one attack makes them seem easy to deal with, but they have high stats compared to other enemies to compensate. They have a surprising amount of health compared to enemies like Zombies and Acolytes, and they get faster when they attack. To avoid their attack, you simply need to sidestep it, as they cannot turn direction while attacking.
  • They become dangerous when there are multiple of them, or other enemies in the room to distract the player. In this case, keep an eye on them as they can hit you when you aren't paying attention.
  • When Floating Heads are preparing to charge the player, they become significantly weaker, allowing potential one-hit kills.
  • Note: While they are preparing to attack, they will aim at where you are going, not where you currently are.


  • They bear a slight resemblance to the Shopkeeper's head, as well as the heads of the hostile Giant Mages found in the Ruins. This may imply that they are undead Giant Mage heads resurrected by another force.
  • They make a unique screeching sound right before attacking.


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