Zombies are undead humans encountered in Beneath. They make their first appearance in the Caves.


Zombies are undead humans that were once workers in the Beneath facility. Both variants have crimson colored dried blood and missing chunks of skin and stand in a sort of leaning position. The tentacle zombie is different as it has a giant purple mutated left arm.

Zombies stand around and walk aimlessly until approached by the player. They will give a groan when initiating combat and slowly walk towards the player.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Body Swing: The Zombie will lean backward, before swinging their body forward. This does low damage.
  • Tentacle Whip (Tentacle Variant) The Tentacle Zombie will quickly swing its arm forward like a whip, dealing generally low damage if it hits. This attack does slightly more damage than the normal Zombie.


  • As Zombies are the most common enemy in the earlier areas, they are very easy to beat. Normal Zombies die instantly from most attacks. They are actually so slow and weak that they accidentally can kill each other when attacking the player. The usual strategy is to hit them quickly before they have a chance to attack.
  • Tentacle Zombies are more dangerous than common Zombies, and they have more health and damage. Generally, since they can take a few hits before dying, it is best to bait them into attacking and back up. Then you can rush in and hit it a few times to kill it before it can attack again. Keep in mind they are semi-dangerous to low health classes and/or new players.


  • It is sort of unknown if the crimson substance on them is dried blood or some sort of corruption. It could possibly be corruption because of the mutated arm of the tentacle Zombies. If it is, then this would leave the question: what corrupted them?
  • Normal Zombies sometimes move faster if there are a lot of Zombies nearby.
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